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Tubeless Sealant Injector

  • Clean Internal use injector through valve stem
  • Remove/Inject compatible with rigid depth tube
  •  60ml capacity syringe for extraction and injection

Two 7 Performance Tubeless Sealant Injector easily and cleanly enables top up of tubeless sealant while also enabling removal of expired old sealant via rigid depth tube ensuring clean sealant is always used within service intervals.

Directions for use 

* For use with latex sealant. Race thickened sealant may clog injector.

Remove and replace old tubeless sealant every 6 months to ensure its sealing capacity is kept at its highest performance. Remove valve core and replace if clogged, clogged valves throw of pressure readings and it’s a good idea to replace with Two 7 Performance valve cores if in doubt. Insert rigid tube to valve stem inner and push to the depth of tyre at 6 O’clock position. Extract old sealant and dispose of properly. Fill syringe with required sealant and insert via valve stem internally to keep clean and mess free. Instal new valve core and flush injector with cold water as to not clog tube when sealant goes of and store in sealed bag to keep fresh for next use.

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