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The Vee Rubber Group has been around since 1977 and has been producing tyres for the global market for over 40 years . The Vee Tire Co was established in 2013 to focus on developing high performance cycling products. Using their experience in manufacturing and with help from some of the sport’s top athletes, they have produced a number of products that have won races and performed at the highest level of many cycling disciplines. Vee Tire Co not only manufacture their own tyres but they also manufacture tyres for many other tyre brands.
Attack HPL (Hard, Pack and Loose terrain) has been tested on and off the World Cup circuit by Vee Tire freeride team. The HPL represents the cutting-edge of fast high-speed ability, unparalleled precision and dampening qualities that pros and weekend warriors all appreciate. Traction defying Top 40 compound and our tried and trusted puncture protection ensures the new HPL is the tyre to rely on in all conditions.

Gravity Core combines a dual ply casing with an added reinforcement called Synthesis to bring the total number of layers to three. Our highest level of defense, Gravity Core has been dveloped to remain light and maneuverable for downhill while still offering supreme durability. The Synthesis reinforcement sits further to the outside of the tyre structure for ultimate sidewall and tread protection against punctures, strikes and slashes.

Top40 compound Dual rubber compound designed for both grip and slow dampening qualities for reduced fatigue on the toughest of terrain. Harder wearing rubber is used at the core of the tread construction while a slightly softer compound is used for the top layer to provide greater grip. that digs into the trail to find every ounce of grip while resisting folding when thrown into corners However the top layer is not so soft that it will wear away easy. The Top40 compound is more of a all-round performance compound which provides good longevity and consistent wear.

e-Bike Ready 50 For bikes equipped with more powerful motors and capable of speeds of over 50 km/h we have created our E-Bike Ready 50 range of tyres. These tyres are designed specifically with higher power, torque, and speed in mind to ensure high-speed performance and safety.
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