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These lightweight, durable, easy to wear knee braces will protect your knees when you run out of talent, and give you confidence to ride at a higher level.

Raid Knee Guard Features:

  • D30® CE certified knee pad
  • PU "Fit-Lock" calf band to prevent slippage
  • Neoprene construction for all-day comfort
  • Breathable mesh back panel
  • Durable abrasion-resistant cover
  • Abrasion resistant side padding for protection against bike frame and trail features
  • Silicone gripper band
  • Set of 2, left and right


"No matter what, hitting the deck sucks. But, it sucks less when you’re wearing the TLD Raid Knee Guards. They’ve proven durable, reliable, comfortable, and ready to do their job. Looking back at the emails sent internally while we were organizing this test, I read one of my responses after I had just tried them on, but hadn’t ridden in them, which simply said “Comfy, but not really my cup of tea. I can’t stand fabric on the contact areas of kneepads.” Here's where I tell you how much I like the way crow tastes. Kudos to TLD for winning this plastic-loving curmudgeon over with a pad that performed beyond expectation." - VitalMTB

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