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Leatt Female-Specific AirFlex Chest Protector
For female riders who desire more than having to settle for a generic unisex fit with their riding protection this LEATT AIRFLEX WOMEN'S CHEST PROTECTOR is spot-on for choice. Combining the use of Airflex soft impact gel for the extended back protector, and I-Mesh in the chest, this LEATT AIRFLEX CHEST PROTECTOR offers great protection, comfort and ventilation with additional coverage and straps for the female form giving you the confidence to take on new challenges.

Protects Against Bruising, Contusions, Cuts, And Abrasions
Designed to work with, or without, a Leatt Neck Brace, it meets Level-1, CE-certified impact protection for the chest and the back. It is intended to reduce the severity, or incidence, of soft tissue injuries such as bruising, contusions, cuts, and abrasions during off-road motorcycling and biking activities. It may even help to avoid more serious injuries such as minor fractures.

Can Be Worn Over Or Under Rider Jerseys
Boasting a 3D-styled, multi-layer, multi-plate articulating design the LEATT AIRFLEX CHEST PROTECTOR for women is presented in a slim ergonomic design making it ideal for bike park or electric bike activities. Construction includes the BraceOn neck brace fitting system which allows the Protector to be worn over, or under, a jersey. Strategically placed ventilation slots encourage maximum airflow to keep the rider cool.

Make Sure You Wear It Correctly For Best Performance
When functioning as a chest guard the LEATT AIRFLEX WOMEN'S CHEST PROTECTOR should be positioned centrally along the vertical line of the sternum (breastbone) for the maximum achievable level protection. To ensure the greatest defence of the back, it needs to be located centrally along the line of the spine, with the widest part of the back protector extending over the scapulae (shoulder blades) and with the lower edge of the back protector ending as close to the base of the spine as is comfortable.

Pro Tips For Getting Your Protector Gear On
Here are a few pro-tips to help you master getting into your gear: 
Chest Protector:  Unfasten the waist straps and place the Protector over your head, ensuring that it is in the correct orientation with the shorter chest plate to the front. Loop the straps into the locks moulded into each side of the protector and adjust the straps to a snug fit. When correctly adjusted and worn with the user’s safety helmet and a Leatt Neck Brace, the Chest Protector should allow the full range of normal head and neck movements (i.e. looking up, looking down, and looking side-to-side, such as when performing an over-the-shoulder check). The Chest Protector, Leatt Neck Brace, and the helmet should only come into contact with each other as the full range of normal movement is reached. When dressed in your protective gear, please check that you are able to perform these functions before beginning any ride.

- Rider Height: 148-160cm
- Torso Length: 46-50cm
- Rider Height: 160-172cm
-Torso Length: 46-50cm
- Rider Height: 172-178cm
- Torso Length: 51-54cm

- Slim ergonomic and lightweight design with extended back
- AirFlex soft impact gel
- Ventilation slots for maximum airflow
- Can be worn over or under rider jerseys
- Multi-layer, multi-plate articulating design for increased comfort
- I-Mesh ventilated impact protector for the chest
- BraceOn neck brace fitting system
- Flank padding for added protection
- CE-certified impact protection for the chest and back
- Intended to reduce the severity or incidence of soft tissue injuries
- Ideal for days in the bike park or when e-biking 
- Neck brace ready
- 3D design ensures a very comfortable fit
- Functions with or without Leatt Neck Brace
- Ideal for Moto-X, Enduro, Downhill MTB, BMX, and Adventure Sports

Safety Certifications:
- CE Tested and Certified as wearable impact protection
- Chest: EN 1621-3:2018 (meets Level 1 requirements)
- Back: EN 1621-2:2014 (meets Level 1 requirements)
- FFM-French Federation Certified (French Motorcycle Federation)
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