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Fork Juice is a quick, no-mess, easy to apply and great value suspension fork lubricant that prevents wiper seal stiction, protects your fork stanchions and keeps them running super smooth.

  • Aerosol spray so you get even and complete coverage quickly and easily, without getting it all over your fingers or it running down the legs
  • Sets up dry almost immediately, unlike chain lube or a grease which are both sticky
  • It is superb at helping get top performance from brand new forks during the bedding in period when the seals are at their tightest.
  • Not carbon based, unlike PTFE (Teflon). Some forks have internals components that are coated in PTFE – if you add more PTFE to the mix in the form of a lubricant it can upset the balance and quicken the wearing out of those parts
  • Can be used as a bike polish
  • Size: 400ml Aerosol

How To Use: Simply spray directly on to the upper fork stanchions and rear shock shaft then cycle the unit up to 20 times. A ring of dirt will probably appear – wipe this off and continue to cycle until no more rings appear – this means your seals are now clean. Re apply a bit more and go ride! After cleaning its worth applying a bit more as well.