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Securely mount your phone on any table and desktop, whether it’s in the office or in the kitchen, the Quad Lock Desk mount is perfect around the home.

Secure Mounting The re-usable nano suction base ensures the Quad Lock® Desk Mount holds securely at all times and, with the same iconic Quad Lock® mounting system, your device will hold securely on the Desk Mount while in use.

Perfect Viewing Use the gimbal head to adjust your device to the optimal viewing angle. Easily change your phone to portrait or landscape with one motion. Quick To Attach/ Detach Still quick and easy to attach your smartphone, the Quad Lock® Desk Mount is also easy to place on your desk, thanks to the re-usable nano suction base.

Wireless Charging (OPTIONAL) Integrate the optional Wireless Charging Head for for up to 2 x fast charging than standard 5W wireless chargers.

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