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Race Face T2 Tail Gate Pad Mid Black


The T2 tailgate pad is cleverly designed to fit any shape of tailgate - new or old. The slick 2 piece

adjustable rear camera window ensures you can see no matter what, and raised bumpers + downtube

straps hold up to 6 bikes with no bike on bike crime. Offered in 3 distinct colourway options for

finetuning the looks of your rig.


  • Six adjustment straps along top edge provide a fit tailored to your tailgate's shape.
  • Adjustable camera/handle window ensures you can see no matter what you drive.
  • Burly PVC tarpaulin takes all the abuse your bikes, the road and the environment can dish out.
  • Raised bumpers in the truck box hold frames snuggly, reducing contact while shuttling.
  • Micro-brushed inner lining protects your tailgate from rub and wear marks.
  • Secure 5 (size S/M) or 6 Bikes (size L/XL) on the frame downtube with a sturdy hook and loop strap system.
  • Extra layer of foam padding keeps your stanchions safe
  • Integrated lock loop to secure your pad to your truck.
  • Durable hyperlon fabric reduces wear on frames.
  • Includes 2 eBike downtube extension straps.

Tailgate Pad Measurements

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