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The Azur Rim Tape liner is a protective adhesive tape made out of tough Nylon strips and have an adhesive backing. Azur rim strips will protect the inner tube from spoke nipples / spoke holes in the rim once the tube is inflated. The rim tape liner is positioned between the inner tube. Various sizes are available depending on your tyre width.
To Apply: Clean the inner rim thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol and allow the rim to fully dry. Choose the Azur Rim Tape width that is appropriate for your rim, peel backing to reveal the adhesive, and align the valve hole in the tape with the valve hole in the rim. Apply the tape to the rim under moderate tension to ensure the tape adheres to the rim. Check all spoke nipples/spoke holes are completely covered by the tape. When the tape has fully encircled the rim, cut off any excess tape and press the end of the tape down firmly into the rim bed. The rim is now ready for the tyre and tube to be fitted.
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