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Sticky Loop – Tubeless Rim Tape  Convert your bikes wheels to tubeless has never been so easy. Thanks to our new Sticky Loop tubeless rim tape. Specially developed to ensure perfect sealing, the Sticky Loop is made up of a new generation Polyester film.

Slightly stretch, the Sticky Loop to ensure an easy and homogeneous fitting. The plastic film is composed of a strong glue to ensure a durable life time. With a semi-transparent finish, it is easy to identify the valve’s hole before drilling it. A sealing patch is provided to finalize the installation. 

Available Width: 
27mm (22 to 26mm inner rim width)
32mm (27 to 31mm inner rim width)
36mm (32 to 35mm inner rim width)

Available Length:
10m (cover 4’’x29’’ wheels)
50m (cover 20’’x29’’ wheels)

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