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  • Universal seal head creates tight seal in most tubeless rims
  • Ultra lightweight at only 4.5 each valve (44mm size)
  • Removable valve core makes servicing and sealant changes easy
  • Compatible with our clean use internal sealant injection tool

Two 7 Performance Tubeless valves are a premium alloy valve with a super lightweight coming in at only 4.5 grams each for the 44mm size. The universal round rubber seal makes them compatible with nearly all rim types and rim wells by easily creating an air tight seal. Removable valve cores allow easy removal or injection of tubeless sealant or replacing valve cores when servicing is required. Core removal tool included with each pair of valves.


44mm valves suitable for rims up to 30mm depth, 60mm valves suitable for rims 30 – 45mm depth, 80mm valves suitable for rims 45 – 65mm depth.

Prepare valve to be installed by thoroughly cleaning valve hole in rim with isopropyl alcohol or Two 7 Performance Bicycle Disc Brake Cleaner and make sure clear from debris and old sealant. Insert valve through valve hole and install rubber o-ring on valve then push until it touches inside rim surface. Screw on alloy lock nut with pressure on valve base until hand tight and seal is made. Install tyre and add required sealant through valve following Two 7 Performance Tubeless Sealant Injector directions.

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